On The Monkey Bus

The stories on this website are fiction, in the liberal sense of the word. The stories are for your entertainment. The adventures and people may appear real, but my attorney tells me that it would be wise to write about fictional characters in a fictional setting. It may be odd that these stories are very similar or in exact detail to real life events, which may or may not have occurred, but I assure you, these real stories are totally made up. Some of these fictional stories are law enforcement related, stored memories of my 24 year adventure as a Detective and Police Officer. Why write fiction? In my law enforcement career I have placed a lot of big time criminals in prison who vow retribution. I am not worried for myself but I wish my family to be left out of fray. I have also been sued a great many times by various crack heads, all unsuccessfully, and wish for the criminals not to have further ammunition for law suits. In order to give you, the reader, real insight into the world of police life, stories of other adventures and to avoid crack heads showing up at my house, I am writing fiction under the pen name, Johnny Law.

I use a 80/20/10/1 approximation rule to apply to much of what life presents to me. For example, in Police work, 80 percent of people I have had contact with, are good and decent, 20 percent of the people are some type of criminal, 10 percent are hard violent criminals currently engaged in crime and 1 percent fall in the sadistic or mass murder killer types.

I use this rule for sizing up Police Officers as a group. I believe approximately 80 percent of Officers are great honest warriors battling criminals, corruption and attempting to solve problems that plague society. The other 20 percent of Officers should not be doing Police work at all, due to incompetence, laziness, fear, lack of intelligence or corruptible. The remaining 10 percent cause most of the issues for officers and are constantly in news for something stupid or serious violations of law. The one percent are on the outer edge of society are of a sadistic type that are attempting to use the badge to hurt or kill others.

I use the same ratios for teachers, lawyers, doctors and any other group of people. If you read a story in which appears I am bashing a particular Police Officer, then you should assume they are in the 20 percent that I have no respect for due to their poor actions or behavior. Through the years I have given a lot of blood, sweat and tears as a Police Officer and respect those who continue to serve in a righteous manner. I believe our society would collapse over night if these warriors were not standing in the way of evil. In my blog I am attempting to peel back the layers of nonsense a Police Officer is subject to so you can see things from their perspective and perhaps understand why a certain action occurs. Perhaps a little humor and insight will break down some walls between Police and citizens.

Do I have any experience in law enforcement? In my career I have executed well over 600 search warrants and have been on various specialty tactical and rescue teams. For 20 years I have been a Police firearms instructor and involved in various shootings. I have won numerous National and Regional awards for my investigations, gave lectures and been in featured in law enforcement magazines and newspapers including the Wall Street Journal.

If you have a Police related question that I find entertaining, I will be happy to give a response. Advice and opinions are free, but use at your own risk. For those of you that have writing experience or have skills in grammar and punctuation, please help me. I would love to hear your opinion of any corrections that may be needed. Although I have written thousands of police reports, I have no experience in fiction writing and could use help.

Why a blog? I am not sure. I know I am attempting to relieve a few issues I have been experiencing. I believe my troubles are due to prolonged battles in a political arena, while running a gauntlet through a hostile and dangerous forrest, my enemy both physical and mental, lurking in the shadows. My career in law enforcement was a search, a quest, to find an answer to a question I do not know. Writing may help me search and work my way through the muddled maze to find what I am looking for. If you have found “it,” please share, your insight would be appreciated.


All work on this site is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without express consent of On the Monkey Bus.